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If you need estate planning guidance, our firm can help you prepare for the future with an array of services from simple advance directives to complex estate administration.

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Experienced Legal Guidance For Estate Planning Issues

The law firm of Jennifer D. Sharpe, P.A., offers experienced and cost-effective assistance for all your estate planning needs. You will have direct access to our attorney and staff. We can help you with a wide range of issues, from straightforward estate plans to complex probate administration issues. We also have experience managing complex taxable estates and the legal issues that often come with them.

Our firm provides our clients experienced and specialized training that goes beyond what most financial planning attorneys offer. Jennifer D. Sharpe has been working with estate matters since 2001, is more than just an estate planning attorney.

She is also a former practicing CPA and has a Master of Laws degree in Tax, providing her with a greater depth of understanding of complex tax issues that often affect estate planning. Our attorney’s experience can help you navigate complex matters including financial planning, probate, estate administration, trusts and wills.

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Professional Guidance For Your Financial Planning Goals And Desires

If you planned your estate and had a will before you moved to Florida, there may be issues you need to address. Most wills that were valid in another state are enforceable in Florida, but there are exceptions. Our firm can review your will and explain if you need modifications. Our firm can help you with a will, a trust, living wills and the probate process. We can also help you create powers of attorney.

A comprehensive estate plan can help prevent confusion, conflict or the wasting of assets during disputes. Assets that are co-owned by the deceased, such as annuities, pensions and life insurance benefits, automatically pass to the other owner. However, property that is owned only by the deceased will have to go through the probate process, which is overseen by a court. Our firm provides experienced guidance with this process.

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