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What happens to your social media after death?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Estate Planning |

They say nothing is guaranteed except for death and taxes, but what about social media? Does that last forever too? What happens to your social media after death? And, if they do last after we die, should we plan for them in our estate plans?


Facebook offers the option of memorialized accounts where a loved one runs your profile as a celebration of your life after you die. Your privacy settings remain the same as they currently are, but our friends and family could still post and tag you like they can now. There are four options for when you pass.

No estate plan for Facebook

If you die without an estate plan for Facebook, Facebook has an option. Any of your close friends or relatives can make a request through Facebook to memorialize your Facebook profile. If you have not made a post-death election, and if approved, this will convert your page to a digital memorial that this person will run. The word, “Remembering” will appear before your name.

Death designation

You can also make your own death designations. You can nominate a legacy contact to manage your memorialized account after you die. If make this election, you must do so in your setting, and then, when you pass, this person will make the request, which will then be granted.

Permanent deletion

Alternatively, you can request that your profile be permanently deleted when you pass. However, to be clear, if you do not make this election, your Facebook page will automatically become a memorialized Facebook page forever whenever Facebook becomes aware of your passing.

Of course, there are many other social media websites and many other issues, but this is only the first of a series of posts on this topic. In future posts, we will continue to talk about this issue. Though, to be clear, you should include your social media in your Fort Lauderdale, Florida, estate plan.



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