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Steps to take following a tragic loss

The loss of a loved one – whether expected or unexpected – can be a devasting time for grieving family members. In addition to the emotional toll it takes on loved ones, specific legal steps must be taken when executing a will. Estates are composed of the late loved...

Only certain parties may challenge a will

It may be possible for an individual to contest a will assuming that he or she has standing to do so. Florida state law generally allows those who would have been entitled to an inheritance if an individual died without a will to mount such a challenge. In most cases,...

What to expect after a loved one dies

There are several steps that a person must generally take when attempting to open a probate estate in Florida or most other states. The first step is to find the original will and read over it carefully. This document will likely inform the reader of who was appointed...

The importance of having an estate plan

Ideally, individuals in Florida and throughout the country will prepare a will as part of their estate plan. A will allows an individual to determine who receives assets that remain in that person's estate when he or she passes. This can be especially useful for those...


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