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Is your case headed for probate litigation?

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Probate |

When the personal representative of an estate is ushering the case through probate court, there are usually plenty of concerns along the way, even with the simplest of estates. However, when some type of challenge is brought in the probate case, litigation may be inevitable. Do you need help with your probate litigation issues?

Navigating litigation issues

At our law firm, we understand that probate litigation can cause even more anxiety and stress for personal representatives of an estate than the usual probate process does. Many probate litigation issues can pop-up. For example, someone may contest the will in question, arguing, among many challenges, issues such as: the capacity of the “testator,” or person who executed the will; undue influence over the testator by some individual who is set to benefit from the terms of the will; or even a challenge to the appointment of the person who will serve as personal representative. In other cases, someone may claim that there has been a breach of fiduciary duty. There may be other claims as well, and oftentimes personal representatives can feel overwhelmed when it comes to probate litigation.

Getting help with probate litigation may relieve some of the stress. At our law firm, we represent estates and help personal representatives in Florida who are facing challenges in court. We do our best to help our clients understand all available options.

For more information, please visit the probate litigation overview section of our law firm’s website. You don’t have to go it alone – getting the right help may help determine the best approach for your probate litigation issues.




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